Help em Up Harness

  • Introducing the Help’EmUp Harness with “Hip Lift.” A complete shoulder and hip harness system that literally lifts the lives of aging or recovering dogs! By placing a pair of handles where you can quickly reach them, this unique dog harness allows you to lend support at any time.The dog lift harness is especially helpful for owners whose dogs are feeling the effects of aging or health issues. It’s also perfect for Veterinarians and Orthopedic Surgeons who work with dogs recovering from injuries or surgery. In fact, the pain it minimizes may very well be your own!
  • What makes this dog harness truly unique is it’s designed to stay on your dog for extended periods of time. Unlike towels, slings or leashes that need to be rigged with each use, or ramps that have to be moved or adjusted, our harness is right at hand, whenever you need it. We believe if support isn’t there when your dog needs it, it’s just too late.
  • Call us at 416-690-1077 for shipping info*****coming soon to our online store****

    The Help’EmUp comes in 4 sizes:

  • X small (8-20lbs)- $102

  • Small (20-35lbs)- $121

  • Medium (35-70lbs)- $138

  • Large (70-110lbs)- $159

  • X-Large (110-220 lbs)- $175

Hind End Harness

This is for dogs with 60% or more use of the rear legs.  This product is great for dogs who have undergone surgery in the rear legs (TPLO or FHO) or suffer from minor arthritis and need a little extra support getting up the stairs or into the car.

$ 42.99

The Canine Wellness Centre- Lolli-PUP

  • LolliPup

    The Canine Wellness Centre original twin balance disc.  It can be coverted from easy to difficult with just a little bit of air. Replaces many other canine fitness products on the market.

    Great for:

    • Beginner Balance Training
    • Advanced Balance Training
    • Core Conditioning
    • Working on hindlimb and forelimb strengthening

     $71.99 CDN